JDI’s New Year’s resolution in The House Directory

  • January 2024

We were pleased to have been asked to contribute to The House Directory’s latest blog post all about what their members’ New Year’s design resolutions are heading into 2024.

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"Modern living means that kitchens have really become the heart of the home, often serving not just as a space to cook but also to entertain guests. When you’re using the kitchen in so many different ways, it’s easy to feel like it could benefit from a refresh. At JDI, we’re always looking to reduce material consumption and to be more sustainable and cost effective for our clients, which means that on some projects, we find that rather than investing in a brand new kitchen, making a few simple changes could be just as effective if you want to put the wow factor back in your space. Whether its small updates such as repainting units, changing the worktop, handles, light fittings or doors, or even something more substantial such as adding in a breakfast cupboard, an island in a contrasting colour or even some open display shelves to show off your favourite cookbooks and crockery, working with what you already have can be such a great way to give a fresh perspective for 2024."


New Year’s Resolutions: How The House Directory Members Will Be Heading In To 2024 - The House Directory